One fun way to welcome school starting? Try wearing Korean makeup to add flare to your look. It might even get that cutie to notice you!

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Want something cute and simple? You have come to the right place! We rounded up the best back-to-school makeup ideas if you're looking for a natural look!

Thick and heavy makeup may make you look old-fashioned and difficult to approach. Dressing up with suitable makeup to welcome a new start help you achieve a natural, fresh-faced appearance💕

Step 1: back-to-school-clean-fresh-face-makeup

1. Eyebrow


The right eyebrow shape can brighten your appearance and make you look more youthful. 

The Korean one-word eyebrow is already no longer fashionable! It is important to find the right eyebrows that suit your face shape!If you think of Korean makeup, you will definitely think of innocent one-line eyebrows, but recent Korean fashion is changing! Korean girls no longer wearing the same one-line eyebrows. Instead, adjust the position of the brow peak according to their face shape, and use the eyebrow pencil to draw the rest for a natural eyebrow. 


2. Foundation 

It's time for us to say goodbye to matte and heavy foundation!

Knowing how to choose the right foundation is important!

In the world of Korean beauty products, there are many different ways to cover up your flaws without putting a heavy and thick foundation.
Nowadays we have to wear face masks very often. Lighter, softer breathable foundation can also help you reduce skin problems.


3. Eye Makeup

Compared with the thick eyelashes, the distinct innocent eyelashes make you look more natural. With matte eye shadows, you can create a gradual effect on eye makeup!

"Eyes are the window of the soul." A pair of aura and bright eyes will definitely be given a huge bonus to the first impression~

A volumizing and lengthening mascara that makes the eyelashes longer and curlier is definitely a must for complete the 1st day make up look.


 (Image via IG @naomi.901016)

– a simple and quick natural eye makeup look💖
Using CILY Eyes On Me & CILY Everlasting Mascara to create an innocent and natural eye makeup.

 【CILY Back-to-school makeup tips】

(Image via IG @naomi.901016)

The packaging of a single cube, each color of eye shadow separately packaged. The packaging is matte and light yellow, feels very cute to carry out ♥

Moreover, it has a magnetic lid, which is more convenient to open and close, and there is a small mirror inside too! *what a thoughtful design*

■Royal Rose

The color of baby soft pink, with smoky touches ~ I find it very lovely!

While the powder is tender and soft, but it will not cause eyelid swelling or puffy due to excessive saturation♥

Who says pink can only be cute, this one giving you both cute and elegant feels!(๑・ω-)~♥




Take milk brown as a base color and match it with the shinny blings ~ it's look a bit transparent and also added an extra embellishment for the whole look! ♥

Because of the base color has a slight brown tone, it brightens the center of the eyelids without making the eyes look swollen. On the contrary, it makes the double eyelids feel deeper too!


■Cedar Wood


If you prefer natural-looking makeup and neutral tones, these classic-favorite nude brown base that suits for every skin tone is a must!

You could use it as a base color, or you could also use it at the end of the eyelid to create a big eye effect.🤏

In addition to matching with other earth-colored eyeshadows, it can also be matched with pink eyeshadows. It can make the eyes look deeper, on the other hand, it can also enhance the "maturity", making the eyes more charming, sweet but strong!✨ ✨ 

(Image via IG @naomi.901016)

For Mascara - CILY EVERLASTING MASCARA #Jelly Brown is just a must♥
Everything looks more lovely and gentle with the brown color!

The clear roots of the eyelashes give the overall eye makeup a more layered look effect , ps: without losing a sense of density!

Step 1: Use neutral tones eyeshadow as the base color

Step 2: Use a darker color (of the same color tones ) to deepen the end of the eye.

Step 3: Add a brightening/shinny color in the middle and it is done!


(Image via IG @naomi.901016)


CILY natural eye makeup completed~~


(Image via IG @naomi.901016)

Isn’t it super easy?! Try it !!~

In less than 10 minutes!! Eyeshadows is commonly used to make the wearer's eyes stand out or look more attractive🌼It is a key to a great eye makeup look⚡️⚡️


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