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Korean makeup trends have been dominating for quite some time and it looks like K-beauty is still going very strong, even in 2020.

Recently, if you have noticed, K Beauty is addicted to soft, light, airy, but concentrated eye makeup.The color is mainly based on the soft earth color or milk tea rose color.

Especially for eye makeup, it's all about the details. The best eye makeup can take an everyday look to the next level.

| CILY - Eyes On Me Available in 6 colors

The packaging is mainly made of the beige shells with Cily logo. The eye shadow box is magnetically designed with a small mirror inside.

There are a total of six colors, some with matte royal roses and rosewood; cedarwood with a slight luster and pearly feel, sandalwood, bergamot; and a diamond shiny color rosemary.

💗Let's take a look~ CILY Eyes On Me reviews💗





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These colors are very practical. The size is moderate, easy to carry around (Perfect for girls who like to carry smaller bags when going out~)


Product advantages: ✨Easy coloring, fine powder, no flying powder, high color rendering, good ductility, high fit, easy color matching!

CILY's make-up color selection is very practical, whether it is used for daily makeup or you’re just looking for a little extra polish, expressing your own creativity through color choices, or making a statement with dramatic flair🥰

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