Girls, these are 3 tips to prevent smudging! No more Panda Eyes!

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If you usually put on makeup, you should know that mascara plays an important role to determine the overall look. Without lengthening the lashes or making them volumized, one may look restless. Let your eyes speak! ✨

In Singapore, the weather is always humid, we sweat everyday! know what? The mascara starts to smudge and hey, here comes the ‘Panda Eyes’ 🐼

Wanna know how to have volumized and natural-looking lashes? Read on to find out more…!

In the middle of the day, if you found out that the eye area becomes dark or dirty, it’s most likely that the mascara you are using is not Waterproof!

 Regular mascaras have weak resistance to moisture and oil, most of them can be easily removed without eye/lips makeup remover, which is why it cannot handle the rain, sweat or sebum on your skin. 😢

 In addition, the skin produces sebum, which makes it easier to remove makeup...if your makeup product isn’t strong enough to withstand it...the overall look will be ruined!

No matter how dry the skin is, the eyelid creases  will not only smudge the mascara, but also affect the eyeshadow...resulting in smudging and clumping. 


Let’s take a look at 3 tips to prevent these…! 😱


1) Remove Oil

 First of all, if you have applied skincare product around the eye area, clean up excess oil residue before you put on the mascara. This may clump up the mascara and result in smudging! 

 Take a piece of tissue and gently press on the eye area to remove the excess oil. Use an eyeshadow with a shade close to your skin tone or loose powder and gently apply on the eyelids. This helps to absorb away the excess sebum! 


2) Use Eyelash Curler

The second tip is before you use a mascara, remember to use an eyelash curler! For the first round of curling, keep the curler upright by the roots of your lashes, clamp down gently after you see that the lashers are inside the curler. Squeeze the curler gently and pause for about 10 seconds.


3) Use Waterproof Mascara

The most important thing is to choose a Waterproof mascara! Do not let your efforts (previous 2 steps) go in vain! If you can’t satisfy your needs with the wide range of mascara available in the market, try this one!

#Kang Taeri’s very own cosmetic brand, #CILY!

They have recently launched the Everlasting Mascara, is this why the goddess always carry that sparkling look? The long and nicely curled eyelashes make her look stunning!


3 characteristics of CILY Everlasting Mascara - 

Natural look (curled & lengthened)

Waterproof Test

Oil-Proof Test

This product comes in 2 shades; you may use either one of it alone or mix and match the two to create another shade! 

※For those who are used to applying mascara on both upper and lower lashes, it is recommended to use #JellyBlack for the upper lashes and the #JellyBrown for the lower lashes for a sophisticated look.








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