Korean Popular Online Influencer, Taeri’s own makeup brand, #CILY is now available in Singapore ❤️

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Whoever followed Taeri, a Korean influencer...on her social media accounts should have noticed that she has launched her very own make up brand 🤗 Just by looking at the backstage photos uploaded on her IG, most girls cannot wait to get their hands on the products! ❤️

I have good news for you~ 📣 CILY is now officially in Singapore, yes girl~ Stocks are in Singapore, you just have to purchase via the official SG webstore. (*yayyyy*🌸)

‘One’ lipstick is never enough, right?




Let's unbox CILY's Silky Lip collection today💕
Hold your breath as we reveal the shades...😳
First of all, look at the cute packaging...Isn’t it sweet?

CILY Silky Lip 4 shades in total;

#Pure Pink | #Oriental Orange | #Noir Nude | #Ready Red

The 4 colors are very versatile for daily use, the product comes in a simple round tube design in nude. 

It’s very moisturizing and smooth when swatching on the hands~~~

Silky satin effect!~

Looks really beautiful with outdoor natural light😍

What about indoor lighting?

Under the indoor lighting, the gloss effect is reduced by a little, but it still looks great😚 Awwww...look at those shades! Play around with the different colors every day! 

Let's take a look at the color on the lips 💋

#Pure Pink

Girls who like pink, will probably like this!

Although the lipstick looks pretty pinkish, but the shade looks awesome on the lips!

#Oriental Orange

 In fact, orange is a bit ... for me, it’s not under my list at first! Just by hearing the name, we think that not all ladies can pull off such a unique shade~ However, this orange shade is a blend of both pink and coral colors, which is not crazy or vibrant. I’m really surprised at how it turns out…! 😂

#Noir Nude

If you wish to flaunt your great skin tone but don’t want a strong shade on your lips. #Noir Nude is the right choice! But I think it may be more suitable for girls with fair skin~ It can highlight the fairness~ 😜

#Ready Red

This shade is not the kind of Hot Chilli Red~ It may be due to the texture, which reduces the pigmentation of the red, but this color is still boldest in the entire collection. 😳 If you prefer light makeup, you can consider the three other shades mentioned above~

In addition to the colors, I think this lipstick is pretty long-lasting! If you are too lazy to touch up, you can really consider getting it. 👏🏻

Lastly, combine the colors!!! 💗

First, apply #Noir Nude and in the middle apply #Ready Red, blend the 2 colors together to look like this! If you feel that #Noir Nude is too light, #Ready Red is too striking on their own, you can try to combine these 2 shades to create a gradient effect ✨

After a round of application and swatches, I am going to collect them as well! 

What are you waiting for…? 💖

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