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During this sensitive period, everyone is going out with a mask on! Be sure to always wear it and wash your hands frequently to practice proper hygiene! 

However...Blusher, Lipstick, Foundation are all disappearing due to wearing a mask! First, they can't be seen by anyone and secondly, they smudge due to the mask. With that being said, we should make Eye Makeup ON POINT! 

Today, let's review CILY's 'Eyes on Me' Collection and see how we can achieve different looks! 

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Let's check out the shades and texture of the eye shadows! 

A total of 6 attractive shades with different textures (Matte / Shimmer / Glitter).

How can we not do a SWATCH test?! 

Image source - willyqaz_tutu

#Rosemary - Glitter / Cocoa

#RoyalRose - Matte / Pink

#Bergamot - Shimmer / Orange

#RoseWood - Matte / Nude

#CedarWood - Shimmer / Brown

#SandalWood - Shimmer / Dark Brown

The texture is suitable for beginners as it is not overly pigmented after applying on the skin. It's build-able, whereby you can layer them to achieve a bold look even with a light shade! Do not worry about 'NGs' in using eye shadows anymore! 

Image source - willyqaz_tutu

How to achieve that fresh Summer orangey Korean girls makeup look? 

Hurry, try it by following the next few steps! 

Featured Products

Eye shadow - CILY Eyes on Me >> #RoyalRose / #Bergamot / #SandalWood

Mascara - CILY Everlasting Mascara >> #Jelly Brown

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1) Use #RoyalRose eyeshadow and apply on the entire lid and dap lightly on the under eye

2) Use #Bergamot eyeshadow to highlight the middle portion of the lid

3) Use #SandalWood eyeshadow as the eyeliner to end the 'flick' like a '<' shape

4) After curling your lashes, brush them with #JellyBrown mascara! 

Image source - willyqaz_tutu

CILY Everlasting Mascara comes in 2 shades - #JellyBrown / #JellyBlack

It is made of buildable fibers, for barbie-like lashes!

A strong hold mascara which holds up against sweat and water. Instant curl and lift! 

Kang Taeri, Popular Korean Influencer/Model and Founder of #CILY has always been using CILY Everlasting Mascara in #JellyBrown! They look just like falsies! 

Image source - willyqaz_tutu

Do browse the collection and create different looks with some color play! 

#CILY is now available in Singapore! 

SG Official Webstore >>>

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