This kind of makeup look boosts your skin complexion and gives you skin a natural glow effect~✨

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Admit it or not, sometimes we want to look as if we don't have makeup. Natural nude makeup is very suitable for daily makeup, especially for people who are just starting with makeup.

It can also be a good makeup look to use when you’re attending formal events, meetings, and so on. This kind of makeup can enhance the skin tone and give the skin a natural glow.

What is nude makeup?

Nude makeup varies in light and soft tones, but the makeup itself is inspired by the natural color of the skin. This involves the color of your facial skin, lips, and eyeshadow.

Like for example, white and very light beige is not for everyone, which is why nude makeup collection has been developed. Everyone has a different skin tone, some have very light skin tones, some with yellow skin tone, and using too-white shades will make the appearance look faded and not suitable.

Choosing your nude makeup💕

Today, the nude makeup collection has surpassed beige shades. It contains all neutral colors, such as rose, light pink, coral orange, etc. For nude makeup, what you basically need is a foundation that is close to the natural color, a light blush, and lipstick that suits you.
Lip color or neutral lip gloss, with a little eyeliner, and finally apply a lot of mascara. Make sure that the cosmetics not only suits your skin tone but also suits your hair color and overall skin tone.


The key for nude makeup🔎

  • Barely-there foundation
  • Natural-looking eyebrow
  • Neutral eye shadow
  • A swipe of eyeliner
  • Volume effect mascara
  • Natural shade lipstick


It enhances your natural appearance
In order to find the perfect nude color, you need to know the following:

🌼About the foundation
The nude foundation should blend seamlessly into your skin. It seems that you have no foundation at all. Always apply the color accurately on the face. Remember, before you buy, be sure to try the foundation first. If the foundation disappears when you apply it to one side of your face, it means you have found the correct shade.

🌼About lipstick
Nude makeup points, your lipstick should be natural but moisturizing. Test your lipstick, you need several to find the matching shade! The color should not be too sharp, only some natural shades, such as coral, peach and warm red can perfectly match the nude eye shadow~

🌼About eye shadow
It's always about to add a little spark but don't change your entire eye shape~

Take your nude eyeshadow palette and pick a shade that’s the closest to your natural skin color as a base~
Look for colors that enhance the natural tone of the lid. And add a little layer at the end and back of the eye to create the outer corners of the eyes, this will contour as well as make your eyes pop.


🌼About blush
You will be surprised to find that a small amount of blush can affect your face. After adding a touch of color to the cheeks, nude makeup immediately looks more natural.

Avoid contrasting shades and use things that look natural and close to skin tone. There are many pink and cream blushes on the market to choose from. They have different shades, please choose accordingly. But don't go too far, the whole idea is to keep the appearance to a minimum, so start with a small amount, and then add more when needed. If you are not very good at this operation, we always recommend choosing light color and fine powder blush to avoid mistakes.

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The overall idea of creating nude makeup is to use makeup to make your face look as natural as possible.

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