Use these to be as beautiful as her! Kang Taeri has launched her very own cosmetic brand with these cute packaging!

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How many Korean online models do you know? If you’re into cosmetics and makeup looks...I’m pretty sure you know who she is…!

The popular online personality, Kang Taeri! ❤️


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She’s perfect to many girls out there with her sweet smile and big round eyes. The number of Instagram followers hit a high record of 1.6 million! The iconic ‘short hair style’ gives her the title as ‘Short Hair Goddess’. 👑 Photos that she posted on her Instagram about makeup looks, resulted in many comments requesting for the products that she uses...there are even die hard fans who purchased the entire bundle just to achieve the same look! 😮

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If you are following her on Instagram, you will know that she has recently launched her very own cosmetics brand, [CILY]  in Korea. Let’s take a look at the collections…!

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First up, the packaging is simple, yet sweet-looking which captures the heart of many girls! Nude shade of pink with a little bit of orange tone and comes with the heart-shaped CILY logo...Nothing too exaggerating! ✌️ 

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Now, let’s start with the lipsticks that everyone is going crazy over…! 💄

Silky Lip comes in 4 different shades - #PurePink / #OrientalOrange / #NoirNude / #ReadyRed


Source: Cily/Shade as shown: #OrientalOrange


I know that the latest trend is all about Matte Lipsticks...but they tend to dry out the lips with flaky’s difficult to hide the lines and cracks if you fail to moisturize them well! However, over here at CILY, this comes in a light silky formula that is somewhere in between matte and glossy...just nice! Smooth application which glides well on your lips! 

Source: Cily/Shade as shown: #PurePink


This situation that I’m about to describe, I’m pretty sure most girls experienced it before…[ Apply one layer like nothing is applied, then as you apply ruins the entire makeup by getting too thick ] … CILY Silky Lip is light and thin, one layer gives your lips a sheer base and you may apply another for a gradient layer. Nothing too heavy on your lips! 😊

Source: CILY


Next up, Eyes makeup! A pair of attractive eyes complete the whole look! CILY’s Eye Shadow Collection has a total of 3 types - Matte / Shimmer / Glitter.


Source: Cily/Shade as shown: #RoyalRose


Available in 6 different shades! 


Fine powdery texture that sits perfectly on the skin. It is also lightweight and easily blendable for a natural sparkle around your eyes. Play around with the various shades to achieve a unique look! 

Source: Cily/Shade as shown: #RoseWood


Comes with a little mirror as you open up the packaging, for you to touch up when you’re convenient! 😊

Source: CILY


Want the energetic pair of eyes like Taeri? How can you miss out on...mascara?!

Source: CILY


CILY’s Everlasting Mascara comes in 2 shades - Jelly Brown / Jelly Black. 

Swipe to achieve a natural curl, it’s waterproof and long-lasting! 

Source: Cily/Shade as shown: #JellyBrown


The brush is perfect in size, not too big that will ‘poke’ your eyes while you’re doing the eye make up! *TIP! Before applying the mascara, use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes and then apply a thin layer of Everlasting Mascara! 

Source: CILY


When it comes to Korean Makeup, how can we forget Blushers?!

CILY’s Blossom Blush comes in 3 shades - #Marigold / #Anemone / #Kalanchoe

Source: Cily/Shade as shown: #Kalanchoe


Brighten up your cheeks, these natural shades are perfect for everyday use! 

Source: CILY


Unlike regular powder, it comes in a smooth and delicate texture for a natural flush on the cheeks. #Marigold has fresh nude and warm orange tone, that is not overly pigmented. Suitable for people who want to opt for a natural ‘no makeup’ look! 

Source: CILY


Time to shop at CILY!

It’s now available in Singapore, no more waiting for overseas order! 


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