Wanna look more energetic and lively? How can you not have these…? Let’s unbox #CILY Blossom Up Collection!

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Girls...do you love to browse ‘Beauty’ topics online? 

There are TONS of makeup unboxing and swatching posts...8 out of 10 are super attractive! *got the urge to buy*

It’s like hinting me to take out my credit card, just swipe and wait for the products to arrive...LOL! 🔥

And...especially when you see those beautiful and luxurious makeup, the advertisement is like shouting, “Click here to BUY”...! 😟😟😟

However, the irritating part is when you receive the actual product, it looks different as advertised. *like cheating my money* How can the color shades look so different…? 😑

After multiple online shopping experiences, I know that it may not necessarily be the product’s fault...but my fault! User’s problem, you get what I mean? Maybe...I don’t really know the proper way or technique to apply makeup...🤔

2 important factors that you cannot ignore if you wish to have perfect makeup - 

  1. Application method - Correct imperfections and ‘magnify’ the perfections
  2. Cosmetic Products - Pick the ones that suit you!


Take a look at this simple guide for different face shapes - 

Other than the application method, the position you are placing the product is also important…!


CILY’s Blossom Up Collection comes in 3 shades - 

#Anemone >>> Neutral and Elegant Nude

#Kalanchoe >>> Romantic Sweet Pink

#Marigold >>> Lively and Fresh Orange 


The texture is smooth with fine powder, but don’t worry about it being cakey or clumping up! 

Next up, let’s take a look at the swatches~

The pigmentation is not too strong, just like adding a hint of color on your cheeks!

Don’t look like monkey’s butt...like other brands which may be too strong in color…! 🙉

Have you gotten these tips mentioned above?

Hurry, check out CILY’s Singapore Official Webstore and create your own makeup style! 


>>>❤️❤️❤️ CLICK HERE 



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