Must buy - peachy brown to go with everything in your closet! Korean makeup that can be bold or sweet!✨

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With the change of mood and occasions, we won't wear the same makeup look for all occasions.

We all know how important the makeup is to women. With different makeup looks, we can really be a different woman. We choose the proper clothes for diverse occasions. We should also go for appropriate appearances with well-chose makeups.


Your eyes will be extremely bright with the well placed eye shadows.

Draw a easy-to-match earth-tone makeup and spread peachy pink shadows above it. Then, you will be effortlessly gorgeous.

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【Love Yourself】
#Sandal Wood ( Draw it on half of the upper eye and bring it to the lower eye to add some depth)
#Rose Mary (Add some to brighten in the middle of the eyes)
#Bergamot (Use it for highlight the front part of the eye)
#Jelly Black

【Eyes on me】
#Rose Mary (Use as the base color)
#Rose Wood (Draw on the front part of the upper eye to create the layering and also bring it to the lower eye)
#Rose Mary + #Cedar Wood ( Draw on the end of the eye to deepen the three-dimensional effect)
#Jelly Brown


Cily’s everlasting mascara gives you long, full, individually emphasized lashes from the very first application. It curls, long-lasting, and defines each and every lash. If you are not happy with your normal eyelashes and you like to use mascara daily, you can use this one. Just apply it once by giving an upward curl to your lashes and our eye will have a different look.

Tips : Simply place the wand of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes, and wiggle it back and forth while running it upwards.

 The bristles of the brush are thin and well designed. This ensures that your eyelashes don’t clump together. If you are going to a club or a party, this one should be your go-to mascara.

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 CILY Mascara / Before and After

your look will always be best topped off with a little mascara. And CILY is famous of it everlasting mascara, available in two color.

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 |Cheek -Blush

Of all the amazing beauty products out there, you might overlook blush as an add-on~

Blush is one of the most underrated makeup products. Just a few swipes of blush can make your complexion look healthier, and make your skin look more youthful. Best part is that it is so versatile it can be used differently to suit various occasions!

# Kalanchoe Peach PinkPinky promise (with sparkle)
# Marigold Coral OrangePeach for the stars (matte) which is 100% cute and lovely! (highly recommend)
# Anemone Creamy NudeCinnamon nude color (light luster) Easy-to-match

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Lipsticks are our go-to whenever we need a beauty pick-me-up. And if you swear by the fact that one can never own too many lipsticks, you’d know what it’s like trying to pick out the perfect shade for that one occasion.

However, Cily silky lipstick has all your needs, from bold and powerful red to lovely nude and youthful coral orange!

Silky lipsticks make life so much easier! The precision and convenience that come with it make it an absolute must-have in every makeup lovers vanity.

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