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When choosing the color of lipstick, girls often choose colors that are easy to use in daily life, such as coral tones and nude tones, which are practical and easy to match.Something that you can comfortably wear to work everyday.

Lately,"Rotten Tomato Color" is the key tho ! All it takes is one swipe of this insanely bold shade to suddenly feel like you're the kind of person who could wear red lipstick everyday.

Just in case yopu haven’t heard of rotten tomatoes color yet~

The "rotten tomato color" is considered a darker red shade. This dark red tone looks great on cool skin undertones, and would suit light, medium and dark skin complexions. 


Today we would like to introduce to you a classic "rotten tomato color" lipstick!

the texture, color and price are super sweet!

Swear it's the best matte formula ever made: creamy and smooth, never drying, long-lasting, and totally scentless. A shade that suitable for every seasons♥ 

Girls who don't want to be too high-profile but don't want to lose their aura must definitely have it!


Did the color test on palm make you fall in love? The orange-red tone is definitely the friendly color of yellow skin tone. 

The moisturized texture make you doesn't need to worry even if there is dead skin on the mouth, the silk satin light can achieve the effect of modifying the lip lines, making the lips look super moist !! * so niceee *

Photo credit: naomi.901016


After talking about the texture, let's talk about the color tone. The reddish- orange shade a.k.a rotten tomato color, the color after applying on lips is absolutely beyond your imagination! * The creamy texture makes the lipstick easily glide and fill in color tho*

Some other rotten tomato-colored lipsticks have too heavy orange shade, which is not so suitable for yellowish skin tone . 

Photo credit: naomi.901016


This rotten tomatoes color lipstick is a true shade of red 💗 It’s neither too bright, nor too dark, and can suit all skin tones. The red-orange tone makes it a suitable choice for warm and cool skin tones too. 

Applying a thin layer to reveal the original lip color is like a natural rosy lip color. This is a good pick for someone who wants to wear a bright shade of red, that’s not too bright. 

Photo credit: naomi.901016

Who said smeared red lips = Hiaopo ???


-This rotten tomato color absolutely subverts your impression of red lips!

It looks like dark red tone on night time , but moisturized orangey red tone will look more dazzling under light💞

This formula is incredible because of its satin finish and ultra moisturizing feel. #Ready red is more of an orange-tinted red that reads more playful than sultry, which I'm a fan of wearing on nights out. 

Photo credit: naomi.901016


Always wanna wear red lipstick but worrying that you can’t carry it?

This dazzling red color is sure to make your pout pop. It’s got a warm orange tinge to it and would look great on everyone ! 


Red can make you feel instantly fancy, especially when you put on the most hot rotten tomatos red there is: Cily #Ready Red 



The Perfect Red Lip ! It’s a MUST HAVE in every girl makeup bag >>

CILY #Ready Red

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